Zia Velo Cycling Merges with CRANXX

Early in my cycling career and as an amateur bike racer in New Mexico, I ran into the ZiaVelo Cycling team throughout the years. I competed with several of the guys in the Tour of Gila or the road races near Roswell and southern New Mexico. Mainly as a CAT 5.

Zia Velo was a group of riders focused on amateur bike racing – road bikes, MTB, TT, fat bikes, and cyclocross racing. Every person I met from the team was awesome.

They were helpful, welcoming, dedicated, and good riders.

Things Change

A few years ago the team abandoned their domain, ziavelocycling.org, and moved their home to the .com. In that process, it left their former visitors abandoned and searching for their new site. They didn’t redirect the old website properly. That left a hole in the cycling community in southern New Mexico and they felt abandoned and without a home.

Many of the people found great information on their prior website and we felt the community would be greatly served by renewing access to the prior content. As such, CRANXX has purchased the domain and has merged its content with ours.

We’ll be adding great content to this site to create a helpful resource for new bike owners, new (or aspiring) bike racers, cyclists who want to service or repair their own bikes, and information and commentary on local, national, and global bike racing.

We’re excited about the future of CRANXX and can’t wait to share this journey and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for us.

In the meantime, poke around the site and we hope you find what you need.

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