Henry grew up riding bikes in rural New Mexico. Because it was rural there wasn't much around, including bike shops, so he rode everywhere on dirt & gravel roads - and broke a lot of bikes in the process. He learned how to work on bikes and has even built several custom bikes. As an adult he rides quite a bit still, averaging between 6000-9000 miles each year. He'll ride just about anything and will tell you all about it when he does!

can you ride a bike during early pregnancy or after giving birth

Can you Ride a Bike During Pregnancy?

My wife took our doctors’ advice and rode into the start of her third trimester when she was pregnant a few years ago. Not only did my wife’s OB/GYN say that riding a bike during pregnancy was fine, but she also encouraged her to ride as much as she wanted, as long as she followed a few guidelines.

Can riding a bike cause ED or other sexual disorders

Bike Riding and E.D. – Is There a Problem?

Can Riding a Bike Cause ED (Erectile Dysfunction)? While studies on this topic get varied results, there is data that shows that ED & Infertility can happen because of riding. How?

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