Essential Tools: Bike Pumps & Mini Pumps


Tool Name & Pseudonyms: Bike Pump, Floor Pump, Bike Mini Pump
Price Range:   
NEW: $15-$150  USED: not recommended
Floor Pump, Foot Pump, w/ gauge, w/o gauge, CO2 Pump, Mini Pump
Essential Tool
Min Specification: Minimum PSI pressure for your bike

We all know that the bike pump is the most important tool for bikes.  In fact most would say that it isn’t a bike tool but a bike necessity – here’s why.

Features & Benefits

If you don’t already know what a pump is, welcome to Earth, we’re glad to have you.  A bike pump is used to inflate pneumatic tires (tires that have air in them).  If you tires aren’t at the correct pressure you will wear prematurely or it will be really hard to ride.

We recommend a good floor pump with an accurate gauge.  We also recommend a pump that can accommodate both Presta and Schrader valve types.  The Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump is a great pump that fits this bill.  It’s also a good idea to purchase an additional mini pump or a good CO2 pump as an EDC Tool.

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Who is it perfect for?

Perfect for someone who has a bike.  Period.

Why Buy it?

As mentioned before, if you have a bike with wheels then it’s a good idea to have a pump.  But technically if you have a wheel barrow, a dolly, or even a motorcycle that has pneumatic tires then it’s a good idea to have a pump.


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