Essential Tools: Bike Chain Tool


Tool Name & Pseudonyms: Bike Chain Tool, Chain Breaker, Chain Cutter, Bike Chain Break, Chain Rivet Extractor, Chain Pin Punch, Bike Chain Repair Tool
Price Range:   
NEW: $3-$50  USED: $1-$30
Stand-alone chain tool, bike multi tool item
Essential Tool
Minimum Functionality: Minimum required to press your chain pins out and, in the case of Shimano Chains, press them back in.

Most would argue that a bike chain repair tool is the MOST essential tool you should have in your shop or in your bike bag – here’s why.

Features & Benefits

A chain break or chain splitter is used to cut or break a chain.  When you get a new chain it will usually be too long for your bike so you will need to remove a section (cut it).  The chain break will punch out the pin so that you can remove the links.  One chain tool that we highly recommend is the Pedros Pro Chain Tool – it pops pins like butter (and it’s yellow like butter too!).

If you are on the trail and your chain breaks you can use a chain tool to repair your chain.  We recommend carrying a couple spare master links in your EDC Tool Kit to help with field chain repairs.  If you don’t have a spare link you can always remove a link from your chain, press it back together then gingerly ride back until you can get it repaired or replaced.  This works in a pinch but the re-pressed pin could pop apart so ride carefully.

Please check out our extensive section on bike chain tools.

Who is it perfect for?

Perfect for someone who has a bike with a chain (the chain tool doesn’t work with shaft drive or belt drive bikes… sorry, it’s just not the right tool).

Why Buy it?

Because eventually your chain will break or need to be replaced.  If nothing else you want to have one so that you can help some stranded cyclist who doesn’t have one – especially if she’s cute!


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