Spin Doctor Pro G3 Work Stand Review

For the home bike mechanic, the Spin Doctor Pro G3 Work Stand is a fantastic, foldable repair stand. While being sturdy and stable, it’s adjustability makes it one of the most versatile stands around. Easy set-up and takedown mean less time wasted and more time doing what you love. While not the cheapest stand out there, it’s still a great buy and offers great features for the price.
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Features & Benefits

The Spin Doctor Pro G3 Work Stand is a foldable, yet sturdy stand with a tripod base. It boasts super strong Aluminum construction and quick release clamps for quick adjustability. The stand adjusts from 48 to 72 inches in height and the clamp head rotates 360 degrees to fit tubes from 3/4″ to 1.8″.

Easy To Set Up

The Spin Doctor Pro G3 is easy to set up so you’re not wasting valuable time. The foldable tripod legs mean that the stand can go from roughly 48″ X 8″ 8″ to fully set up with your bike mounted in a matter of seconds.


From road bikes to mountain bikes, to cruisers or kid bikes, this stand can handle them all and can adjust for a variety of different tasks.

With these features in mind, let’s discuss our testing.

Testing the Pro G3 Work Stand

If you are looking to buy a bike repair stand, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration.

First, you want to look at how stable the stand will be for your bike and the types of work you’ll do on your bike while it’s on the stand. You don’t want your stand wobbling or tipping while you’re doing heavier work like changing out bottom brackets.

Next, you’ve got to consider how securely the clamp will hold your bike and if it can adjust to the position you need without the bike coming loose or slipping while you work. You’ll also want to look at how easily you can adjust the clamp and/or the height of the stand depending on the job you’re trying to do and the type of bike you have.

Finally, if you are short on space, or planning to take the stand with you to a race or other events, you’ll want to see how portable it is and whether it sets up and takes down easily. While considering these things, we tested the Spin Doctor Pro G3 Work Stand to see how it stacks up to other bike repair stands on the market. Click here to see the best price on Amazon

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Our Findings

Our testers were pleasantly surprised by the Spin Doctor Pro G3 and found it to be a great buy for the money. While it’s not the cheapest stand out there, it has some great features that won’t break the bank or your back.

Our test team was able to set up the stand and mount a bike in less than 20 seconds. This kind of convenience makes it worth it if you are going to use your stand frequently, like for post-ride cleaning. We also liked how the height could be easily adjusted even up to 72″ so your not breaking your back while making minor adjustments or repairs.

With a three-leg base that can spread out we found this aluminum stand to be solid and sturdy. We mounted several different types of bikes and while it held heavier bikes just fine, anything over 35 lbs is not going to be as stable given that this is a folding and not a fixed stand. We also liked the 360-degree rotating clamp head and liked that it the easy to use knobs It made it fairly easy to mount different bikes and adjust them to various angles.

The padded clamp held well and we didn’t find any slipping but with a heavier bike and if you were really wrenching hard you might. Our team liked the clamp, but was disappointed to see plastic teeth in the clamp and wondered how well they would hold up over time with lots of heavy use.

But it held up great for all of our testing. We liked the “small parts” bin but noticed that it rotates with the clamp head, so if you’re using in anything other than a horizontal position, it makes the bin useless.

One of the best features for this stand is that it’s easy to take down and fold up for storage or transport.

It’s somewhat lightweight, but not as lightweight as some other stands out there, but if you are looking for a lightweight stand, you might not find one as stable as this and you’d be sacrificing the sturdiness this stand has to offer. Overall our testers liked the Pro G3 and while it’s not the cheapest, foldable home work stand, it’s still a great value.

Rating: We’ve given the Pro G3 Work Stand a 4.7 star rating. This stand would get 5 stars if not for the plastic components in the clamp that could wear out over time.

Who should get this?

Here’s the bottom line: The home bike mechanic for occasional light repairs, cleaning and making minor adjustments.

Who should avoid it?

While pro is in the name, this is not a stand for a professional in a shop.

Have you tried it? Add your rating and comments below!

PROS: Sturdy, Foldable, Adjustable, Tripod Base
CONS: Not exactly lightweight, Not for real Heavy Bikes, Clamp could be better

About Spin Doctor:

Spin Doctor is Performance Bike’s house brand. Performance is known as one of the most ubiquitous bike stores both online and brick and mortar. They have a long history of working with cyclists to provide the best prices, great service, and innovative products. Spin Doctor is the brand that encapsulates their collective knowledge & experience in the form of tools and shop equipment. Known for value and function the Spin Doctor line of tools is worth checking out – and if they don’t work they’re always backed by the Performance Bike guarantee! Learn more about Spin Doctor here

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