Essential Tools: Bike Work Stand


Tool Name & Pseudonyms: Bike Work Stand, Bike Repair Stand, Bike Maintenance Stand
Price Range:   
NEW: $35-$450  USED: $25-$200
Tripod, Portable, Floor Mount, Wall/Table Mount, BB Mount, Rear Wheel Mount
Essential Tool
Max Capacity: Minimum required to hold your heaviest bike

Most would argue that the bike work stand is the MOST essential tool you should have in your shop – here’s why.

Features & Benefits

A bike work stand is a device that holds your bike in place while you work on it.  It brings the bike up to a comfortable level so you don’t have to bend over to work on your bike.  Most stands have a clamp which attaches to your bike’s seatpost or another part of the bike to hold it in place (although some attach to the forks and bottom bracket).

Please check out our extensive section on bike work stands.

Who is it perfect for?

Perfect for someone who has a bike, does their own maintenance and only has 2 hands.

Why Buy it?

Because you look ridiculous laying on the ground trying to work on your bike and it’s extremely painful to try and work on a bike while it’s upside down on it’s saddle and handlebars.


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    Hebergement web

    These same people don t have children running around in their garage, work in a pristine environment, and possibly ride their bike once a month on well established trails for 20 minutes. The same folk ride around with their bike on top of their car tan actually ride the bike, who are more worried about their clothes and how their bike looks than the ride.

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