RAD Cycle Products Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand Review

Sturdy, yet budget-friendly, The RAD Products Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand is a good option for someone needing a portable workstand. For occasional, normal repairs at home or on the road, this stand is a great buy for the money.

Features & Benefits

The RAD Products Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand is one of the top-selling, value bike workstands. It is a sturdy stand with four legs and can hold up to 66 lbs. This telescoping stand can extend to 75″ and its clamps can rotate 360 degrees on two axes.

The clamps can accommodate most standard tubes from 1″ to 1.5″ and won’t harm your bike’s finish. This bike repair stand can adjust fairly easily and folds for storage or carrying. It comes with a handlebar stabilizer rod to stabilize the front wheel and a tool tray with a magnetic strip.


One of the features our test team liked the most about this cheaper repair stand was that they found it to be quite sturdy for such an inexpensive stand. This was an unexpected feature for a value workstand.

For a stand at such a reasonable price, one would expect it to wobble a lot more. It had no trouble holding even some heavier bikes, as long as they were properly balanced on the stand.


This adjustable stand is also portable and is easy to assemble and set up. Portability is a necessity if you don’t have the space to keep a repair stand set up all of the time, or if you need to take it with you.
With these features in mind, let’s discuss our testing.

Testing the Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand

There are several different factors that you have to consider when testing or buying a bike repair stand. First, you want to make sure that the stand is stable and won’t wobble while you’re working on your bike.

Next, you want to make sure that the stand is adjustable and can accommodate whatever bikes you will be working on. You also need to consider if the stand will be able to hold them in the positions you need in order to work on them.

You also want to make sure the workstand has a sturdy clamp so your bike won’t slip or move while you’re working on it. If you are using this stand on the trail or at a race, you want one that is portable and sets up and takes down easily.

Our Findings

For the money, the Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand made by RAD Products is a great stand with four legs that keep it firm on the floor. This stand was much sturdier than we had expected for a cheap bicycle repair stand. The feet spread out a good 36 inches and provide a stable base. Our team tested it with a variety of road bikes, mountain bikes, and even a 20″ kid’s bike.

We also tested it with a 55lb electric bike and it held it OK as long as the bike was centered. The stand easily adjusted to the different bikes. It swivels 360 degrees easily and the telescoping action allows it to go up and down as needed.

Even while performing some heavier repairs, like replacing a bottom bracket on an old track bike, the stand held up well and kept the bike in position. The handlebar stabilizer works great and the magnetic tool tray came in handy for holding Allen wrenches and whatnot. The stand is also foldable and although a bit cumbersome, is completely portable. It was easy to set up and takedown.

If this bike work stand has a weakness, it would definitely be its clamps. The clamps attach to the base with a bolt inserted into plastic tabs that attach the clamp to the base.

If you overtighten the bolt, the clamp could break and fall off. Our testers were careful not to overtighten and found that if you center the bike, and don’t overtighten, the clamps hold fine.

However, this could be a downside if your bike’s design or the work you intend to do, require the bike to be mounted in an unbalanced position. If it’s not centered, the clamps slip a little and it’s harder to tighten them down.

Also, if you have a heavier bike, the clamps aren’t really strong enough to hold it in an unbalanced position and it will slip. However, when we mounted heavier bikes in a balanced position, the clamps held just fine. The clamps also rotate, but we found this was really only helpful when you are rotating them to fit the tube you are trying to mount it on.

Our testers agree that you probably couldn’t clamp the bike upside-down from the top tube. If you need this stand to defy gravity, it is probably not the stand for you. But the RAD Products Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand is an affordable option that is good enough for normal use.

Rating: We’ve given the Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand a 4.3-star rating. A sturdy, portable and cheap stand but the clamps are a little flimsy if the bike isn’t perfectly balanced.

Who should get this?

Here’s the bottom line: The RAD Products Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand is a cheap stand and good choice for someone looking to do occasional light repairs at home. Because it’s portable, it’s also a great option for those who need a sturdy stand on the go.

Who should avoid it?

This is obviously not a workstand for a pro in a shop or someone who needs to work on their bike in an unbalanced position.

Have you tried it? Add your rating and comments below!

PROS: Sturdy, Great Value, Easy Adjustability, Portable
CONS: Not for heavy bikes, Bikes need to be balanced well
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