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33 Strava Tools Reviewed | Mega List of Strava Tools & Add-ons

Do you want to get most out of your training? If you want to improve, you need an easy way to track and measure your various stats for each training activity. At its core, that’s what Strava is, an activity tracker. But it does more than just record. …

Strava Labs: The Clusterer (Route Explorer Tool)

Let’s face it, Strava has a lot of data. Last year (2015) they had over 230 million activities logged on their app. With this much data it’s time to do something with it. They’ve built a cool tool that lets you discover new routes and new paths. The …

Which Bike Tools do You Need? – BIKE SHOP LIFE

I work at a pretty busy bike shop.  Our shop sponsors a team and a group riding club.  There are always people coming in and out with odd bike fixes and questions. Over the coming weeks I’ll do a Q & A series around some of the most …

Essential Tools: Chain Checker or Bike Chain Gauge

There are a lot of bike wrenches out there who would argue that a chain checker isn't necessary. Most recommend replacing your chain every 1500-3000 miles depending on the brand - here's what we think.

Essential Tools: Bike Chain Tool

Most would argue that a bike chain repair tool is the MOST essential tool you should have in your shop or in your bike bag - here's why.