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The Social Network for Athletes At the start of a ride we’re sure you’ve seen, and heard, all the different GPS devices beeping as they start recording. If it’s a big enough group it

Strava Labs: KOM Heatmap & Strava Achievement Map

This tool is best if you have KOMs. If you don’t [yet] have any KOMs then this tool is neat to explore but it becomes a lot more helpful when you start wanting to protect your kingdom! This isn‚

Strava Labs: Activity Playback (Flyby Maps)

This is another great tool from Strava Labs.  After I started writing this guide a few months ago, Strava changed the name of this from Flyby to Activity Playback.  I personally still like Flyby sin


VeloViewer VeloViewer is the Data Nerd’s data analysis tool.  If you like slicing and dicing your data in infinite ways then VeloViewer is for you.  VeloViewer (VV) was created, and is still main

Strava Labs: Top Stops

This project has some pretty cool potential but as of right not it just shows data from the San Fransico Bay Area. Top Stops is an attempt to map out some of the best stopping points along favorite ro

Strava Labs: Project KODOS

Project KODOS is another tools created in the Stava Labs. The point of KODOS is to show you an overview of your Kudos history, how much you’ve received and how much you’ve given.

Strava Labs: The Clusterer (Route Explorer Tool)

Let’s face it, Strava has a lot of data. Last year (2015) they had over 230 million activities logged on their app. With this much data it’s time to do something with it. They’ve bui

Strava Labs: Global Heatmaps (Route Discovery Tool)

Have you ever visited a new area and you wondered where it was safe to run or bike? The global heatmap tool can help with that. It has mapped out over 100 million running and cycling activities and d

Strava Labs: GPX to Strava Route

One of the cool features with Strava is that you can create your own routes that will show you the best path, elevation gain and total mileage. Then you can share your route with anyone so they can us

Jonathan O’Keeffe: Strava Segment Detail

This tool was designed by Jonathan O’Keeffe and is a fun little tool if you want to see the KOM history for a certain segment. Once you land on his site you just have to enter the ID number from an

Jonathan O’Keeffe: Multiple Ride Mapper

Here’s another fun tool from Jonathan. The Multiple Ride Mapper lets you pick a date range, type of activity and other filter options which will then proceed to map out all your activities. For

Jonathan O’Keeffe: Strava Annual Summary