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Decoding USA Cycling Categories

So you’re all set to register for your first road race. You grab your credit card, login to the registration site and start filling out the web form. You notice the Category drop-down list and think to yourself, I’m a Cat-5 racer – no problem. Then you discover …

Pedros Chain Checker Plus Review

QUICK SPECS: Brand: Pedro’sModel: Pedro’s Chain Checker PlusPrice Range: NEW: $19.95-$12.95 USED: $5.10Category: Bike Tools & RepairSub-Category: Multifunction ToolsQuality Level: Shop Quality Check the price on Amazon now! Features & Benefits Many cyclists know that a worn chain can lead to missed shifts, slipped strokes or even worn …

How-to Build Winter Base Miles on the Bike

Biking can be social and fun. When riding you can spend time with your friends while getting into shape. If a rider peddles only at a high intensity they will often burn out quickly.

Confidence Pro Bike Adjustable Repair Stand Review

The Confidence Pro Adjustable Repair Stand is an inexpensive, yet sturdy workstand, that can be folded up and stored away. Its versatility and adjustablity make it a great buy for someone looking for workstand for light repairs or cleaning and like the convenience of easy set-up and portability.

Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand Review

The Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand is a no-frills repair stand offered at an affordable price and also comes with a 1 year warranty. It's durability and stability make it a great buy for the bike enthusiast looking to make light repairs at home.

Conquer Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand Review

For the hobbyist not looking to break the bank, the Bike Mechaninc Adjustable Repair Stand is a good option. Its quick release height adjustability and sturdy tripod legs help make this stand a good choice for getting lighter jobs done.

Topeak Prepstand Elite Repair Stand Review

A well-designed, low weight, foldable stand that offers a lot of high end features, without the high end price tag. It’s quick adjustability, strong construction and stability make the Topeak Prepstand Elite Repair Stand a great buy not only for cyclists wanting to do repairs or maintenance at …

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Review

The JoeBlow Sport II is one of the highest selling floor pumps across multiple stores due to it's consistent performance and durability.