Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand Review

The Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand is a no-frills repair stand offered at an affordable price and also comes with a 1 year warranty. It’s durability and stability make it a great buy for the bike enthusiast looking to make light repairs at home.

Features & Benefits

The Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand is a sturdy, metal stand with a swing arm base that can hold up to 60 pounds. The rubberized clamp allows for 360 degree rotation without readjustment. The stand has a fixed height of 55″ and can accommodate tubes from 3/4″ to 1.9″.

Sturdy and Durable

The Feedback Sports Recreational Stand has a wide base footprint of almost 27 inches by 42 inches and large rubber footcaps on the legs. It is also constructed of powder-coated steel making it strong and able to stand up to plenty of use.

Lightweight and Foldable

Weighing in at 13.6 pounds, the Feedback Sports work stand makes it a great lightweight option, without sacrificing strength and durability. It can fold up to 10 X 4 X 55 inches so it won’t take up much room for storing or travel.

With these features in mind, let’s discuss our testing.

Testing the Recreational Repair Stand

When buying a bike repair stand, there are a few things you’ll want to look for. First you want to consider how stable the stand will be whether or not it will hold up to the types of use you need it for. You don’t want your stand wobbling or wearing out over time.

Next, you’ve got to look at the clamp and if it will adequately hold your bike without slipping and if it can adjust to the position you need. You’ll also want to look at how securely the clamp will hold your bike.

Finally, if you are short on space, or planning to take the stand with you to a race or other event, you’ll want to see how portable it is.

Our Findings

Overall we like the Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand and found it to be a great value. Although it doesn’t come with some of the bells and whistles of more expensive stands, it is a solid stand that will get the job done.

We liked that it’s mostly made of metal. Only the knob that secures the clamp is plastic, but it’s large size makes it easy to grip and tighten down. Even while using the stand with heavier bikes, we found it to be fairly stable and only wobbles a little when applying more pressure on the bike. We also found that you could easily spin the wheels and break hard without having the bike move around.

The clamp is rubberized all around and has extra pads inside to protect your bike. The clamp could also be attached to the top tube or the seat post on most bikes. The clamp didn’t slip with most bikes, however we did find that with a 30 lb bike, it slipped a little when mounted with the seat post, but not with the top tube.

Also, we found that the heavier bikes would slip if mounted on the seatpost and you wanted to rotate the bike 90 degrees. So working on heavier bikes at various angles might pose a problem.

However a 25 lb bike had no problems with slipping in any position when clamped to the seat post. It also has the ability to fold up easily out of the way when your not using it or when you need to take it on the road. ne drawback we found to the Feedback Sports Recreational Stand is that you can’t adjust the height.

It’s fixed at 55 inches, which will most likely accommodate most bikes, users and tasks, but if height adjustability is important, this might not be the best stand for you. That being said, this is still a great, solid stand for the money.

Rating: We’ve given the Recreational Repair Stand a 4.7 star rating. No vertical height adjustment.

Who should get this?

Here’s the bottom line:The home bike enthusiast for light repairs, cleaning and making minor adjustments.

Who should avoid it?

This is not a stand for someone who needs height adjustability or a professional in a shop.

Have you tried it? Add your rating and comments below!

PROS: Sturdy, Durable, Foldable
CONS: No height adjustability, Clamp may not hold heavier bikes at any angle

About Feedback Sports:

Feedback Sports was founded in 2004 by Doug Hudson who is an avid cyclist and racer who started the company with his first product, the Alpine Digital Scale. In 2008 Feedback purchased Ultimate Bike Support which added work stands and storage systems to their lineup. It has been innovating and growing ever since. Feedback is headquartered in Golden, Colorado which is known as a passionate cycling destination. Learn more about Feedback Sports here

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