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Why would you want to submit your bike gear to us for review?

We exist to provide unbiased information, reviews, comparisons, tips, news and shopping links in the cycling community for bike stands, bike trainers, bike tools, bike computers, bike power meters, bike lights, bike maintenance & repair and other cycling related news.  There are a lot of products out there – even in our small “Bike Tools & Bike Stands” niche.  We can’t find them all on our own and, if you’re here, you can probably help us by providing the shortcut to find your product.

What can you send us & what do we do with it?

We will happily review almost any cycling related product even if it isn’t specifically a tool or stand.  We normally request that you send us one (or multiple if it’s a small or a consumable item) item for us to put through our tests.  Depending on the type of product we can usually complete a full test in 1 -2 weeks and have the review posted by the end of that period.  Obviously there are some products that don’t lend themselves to quick tests so we might choose to do an “extended durability test” and write the review after it’s done.  We normally do not return the gear after the test unless it’s high dollar and we agree upon it in the beginning.

Can you pay us to give you a good review?

Not just no, but Hell No!  We will gladly have you pay us to do the testing and put your product through it’s paces.  Several companies pay us to test their products since we have a skilled team of mechanics as well as our affiliate bike racing team of over 100 members who can real-world test gear – plus we have the Bike Stig who can really trash on it to test its durability!.  But we will not let that influence our final review.  Sorry, it’s just the way it has to be.

Sound good enough?  Let’s get started!



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