Conquer Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand Review

For the hobbyist not looking to break the bank, the Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand is a good option. Its quick release height adjustability and sturdy tripod legs help make this stand a good choice for getting lighter jobs done.

Features & Benefits

The Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand, offered at the affordable price of just under $50, touts itself as being a quick release, fully adjustable,stand that can hold virtually any bike. It weighs in around 15 lbs and can adjust to 57″ high. The quick release clamp can clamp tubes from 30mm-75mm and has a rotating head for adjusting to any angle. With its 3 leg base, the stand provides a fairly stable base and can hold up to 50 lbs. The stand also comes with a handy tool tray.

Tripod Legs

The Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand is made with a strong steel frame and its three legs help provide a sturdy base. For a value or budget stand, this is an important feature especially if you are looking for a stand that won’t fall over.

Quick Release Adjustability

Finding the ideal height to work on your bike is a breeze with the quick release adjustable height. Positioning is made easy with a quick release clamp too, which can accommodate nearly any bike. The clamp also rotates, making it easier to adjust the angle of your bike.

With these features in mind, let’s discuss our testing.

Testing the Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand

If you are looking to buy a bike work stand, there are a few things you need to look at. First you want to consider the stability of the stand and whether or not the stand will be able to hold your bike, especially if your bike is heavy.

Next, you’ve got to make sure the clamp will securely hold your bike and can adjust to the position you need without the bike coming loose or slip while you work.

Finally, if you are planning to take the stand with you to a race or other events, you want to see how portable it is and whether it sets up and takes down easily. Our test team kept these things in mind while they tested the Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand.

Our Findings

Overall, our team found that the Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand would be a great buy for the home mechanic using it for light repair or maintenance and that when it comes to this stand, it pretty much met our expectations for a stand at this price point. The assembly of this stand was straightforward and fairly easy.

After getting it assembled, our test team put it through the paces and mounted several different types of bikes on the stand. The tripod legs did in fact hold the bikes, even a heavier mountain bike, steady. We found that we could mount the bikes on the seatpost and top tubes with no problem.

Overall, the stand was pretty stable and would be ok for lighter repairs, but found that when attempting heavier repairs that required more torque, the stand would get wobbly. Our team also felt that the clamp was adequate, but noted that with heavier bikes clamping on the seatpost seemed more secure and didn’t slip.

The team also observed that the number of plastic components on this stand may wear out over time. Although the team liked the quick release adjustability for height, they found it more difficult to adjust a bikes angle while the bike was mounted with the clamp.

The testers found that they had to remove the bike, adjust the angle of the clamp, and then re-mount the bike if they wanted to change the bikes position. On more expensive repair stands, removing the bike and re-mounting would not be necessary, saving you valuable time and energy. Our team also found that although this stand was easy to assemble, it lacked the ability to fold up nicely for transport.

The three legs do not fold up to a vertical position, and would be an issue if you are planning to use this stand on the road. Again, for a cheap bike repair stand, it gets the job done, but lacks the portability and true adjustability of more expensive stands.

Rating: We’ve given the Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand a 4.1 star rating. The stand could be more sturdy for heavier bikes and lacks portability and true adjustability.

Who should get this?

Here’s the bottom line:The Bike Mechanic Adjustable Repair Stand is fine for the home bike mechanic for occasional light repairs who isn’t quite ready for the larger investment of a more expensive stand.

Who should avoid it?

This is not a stand for a professional in a shop.

Have you tried it? Add your rating and comments below!

PROS: Inexpensive, Adjustable, Tripod Base
CONS: Not Foldable, Not for Heavy Bikes, Cannot adjust to different angles easily
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About Conquer:

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