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Bike Tool Kits

  • Beginner Kits – a beginner toolkit will usually have all the basic tools that you will need for minor repairs and almost every tool you’ll need for regular maintenance.  Most beginner kits will have a set of allen keys, a cassette removal tool, a chain whip, a chain break, a bottom bracket tool a pedal wrench and a few other spanners or cone wrenches.
  • Apprentice Kits – the next level up from a beginner kit will usually include a greater variety of tools, cleaners and accessories to allow you to perform almost every type of bike maintenance except for a few things like wheel truing and some pressing/facing.
  • Pro Kits – a pro kit will contain almost every bike repair tool imaginable.  You will usually pay a pretty penny for a pro kit but if you need all the tools then it’s worth it.  For a normal home mechanic a pro kit would be overkill and you would probably never use some of the included tools.

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The table below provides a set of quick links to all of the reviews in each of the six bike tool categories.  The links below will take you to an archive listing of the different review articles and posts about the topics.

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Tool TypesDescription & Uses

Basic Tools

These are the basic tools which should be found in any shop, garage or tool kit. These include wrenches, screwdrivers, allen keys, sockets, ratchets, hammers, etc.

EDC Tools

Everyday Carry Tools: These are the tools that you should take with you on every ride and, in some cases, you should carry with you all the time "just in case". Examples of EDC Tools would be a mini pump, a bike multi tool, patches, etc.

Essential Tools

Much like the "Basic Tools" from above, these are the tools that you should have in your toolbox no matter what type of bike you ride. These tools are the essential tools to own to maintain and repair your bike. This would include a bike work stand, a chain stretch gauge, a chain whip, a set of allen keys, etc.

Tool Sets

There are so many different bike tool sets out there. This is an archive of all the tool sets we've reviewed and more information on each one (with a category ranking and where to get more information). These sets range from small and cheap to very large and expensive.

Specialty Tools

There are a few specialty bike tools out there that are bike specific, brand specific or are used or special bike repairs/rebuilds. We still review those so you can review an archive of the specialty bike tools. Some specialty bike tools include the headset press, a truing stand, a frame stretcher, and many others.

Innovative Tools

What's new and innovative in the bike tool world. Most people think we've gone as far as we can go in this realm - then someone comes up with a new tool! Here are some of the newest that we've seen.


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