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Bike Carrier Racks for cars, trucks and other vehicles.  Hitch mount, bed mount, permanent and removable bicycle carrier.



Best Bike Tool Information & Reviews


Let me guess, you did a Google search on “Bike Repair Tools” and now you’re on information overload!  Take a breath, you’ve made it, and we’re going to help you through this.

Welcome to the CRANXX bike repair tools overview.  You’ve probably landed on this page because you have started getting into cycling and are now either looking for a cheap way to do regular maintenance on your bike or you are getting ready to start a shop and you need to find some of the best bike tools out there – or maybe something in between.  No matter how you ended up here, we’re here to help.  In the following pages you will find more information than you ever wanted on all the available bike tools currently on the market.

The options are almost limitless when it comes to quality, mid-grade and cheap, bike tools.  You can buy a starter bike tool kit for your house for less than $50 or you can buy a full professional tool kit – like the MK-234 from Park Tool that will only set you back $6300!  It’s almost enough to make your head spin.  We’re here to help you sort it out – we’ve prepared a great collection of how-to articles full of tips from professional mechanics, bike shop owners, and some of the best shadetree bike wrenches around.

The best place to start is at the beginning, with the Bike Repair Tool Buying Guide.  We’ve tried to demystify the whole bike tool buying process for you by compiling a list of some of the best tool sets for beginners, the essential tools that will need, the best every day carry bike multi-tools, we explain some of the specialty tools that are out there and review bike maintenance reference items (bike repair manuals, bike repair videos and even a few step-by-step how to articles).  Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have a tip that we might have missed.  Enjoy!




Stig’s Tip: If you are buying something that you will use everyday, don’t buy cheap!



If you already know what you want to research, just select the links below to get more information:


Bike Tool Buying Guide Directory

Cheap Bike ToolsBasic Bike Tools for BeginnersBike Tool SetsEssential Bike Tools (less is more) Bike Multi ToolsSpecialty Bike ToolsBike Maintenance Books



If you still want even more information feel free to check out the following categories:


Bike Work Stand Comparisons

We’ve put together several comparison tables for the different bike tool categories.  If you would like to see the top 5 bike multi tools side by side or the best cheap bike repair kits for your home just click on the link above to see a few of the different bike tool comparison charts.

Bike Tool Reviews

Have you ever wondered if the Pedro’s chainwhip or the Park Tool chanwhip was better?  We have put a bunch of these individual tools through rigorous tests (and real life use) and we have all the bike tool reviews you could ever want – just click the link above.  If you are curious what everyone thinks are the top 25 most essential bike tools for any cyclist you can check out our Essential Bike Tool Rankings.

Bike Tool Set Reviews

If you are searching for a set of bike tools you are probably totally overwhelmed at this point.  There are so many options!  And really, is the Bike Hand bike tool set that you found on Amazon too good to be true or is it 1/2 the price of the Park Tool Home Starter Kit because it’s 1/2 the quality?  Check out our tool set reviews to get some of the answers you’ve been seeking.  CRANXX is a community so we like to hear from each other – if you want to know what the best tool sets are according to other CRANXX visitors, check out the Bike Tool Set Rankings page.



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