bike stig

Stig is our resident thrasher/reviewer. He always wanted to be a writer but it turned out that he was really good at other things like shredding hills on his MTB and turning a mean wrench! Guess he'll just continue to ride his bike, build bikes, build websites, and dream about being an author.

bike stig

Essential Tools: Chain Checker or Bike Chain Gauge

There are a lot of bike wrenches out there who would argue that a chain checker isn’t necessary. Most recommend replacing your chain every 1500-3000 miles depending on the brand – here’s what we think.

Essential Tools: Bike Chain Tool

Most would argue that a bike chain repair tool is the MOST essential tool you should have in your shop or in your bike bag – here’s why.

Essential Tools: Bike Pumps & Mini Pumps

We all know that the bike pump is the most important tool for bikes.  In fact most would say that it isn’t a bike tool but a bike necessity – here’s why.

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