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What is Strava

The Social Network for Athletes At the start of a ride we’re sure you’ve seen, and heard, all the different GPS devices beeping as they start recording. If it’s a big enough group it’s almost musical. What does all that beeping mean? It means people have learned the …

Strava Labs: Project KODOS

Project KODOS is another tools created in the Stava Labs. The point of KODOS is to show you an overview of your Kudos history, how much you’ve received and how much you’ve given.

Strava Labs: Activity Playback (Flyby Maps)

This is another great tool from Strava Labs.  After I started writing this guide a few months ago, Strava changed the name of this from Flyby to Activity Playback.  I personally still like Flyby since it explains what it does so well.   Have you ever “flown by” …

Strava Labs: KOM Heatmap & Strava Achievement Map

This tool is best if you have KOMs. If you don’t have any KOMs then this tool is neat to explore but it becomes a lot more helpful when you start wanting to protect your kingdom! This isn’t really a great analysis tool but more of a way …

Confidence Pro Bike Adjustable Repair Stand Review

The Confidence Pro Adjustable Repair Stand is an inexpensive, yet sturdy workstand, that can be folded up and stored away. Its versatility and adjustablity make it a great buy for someone looking for workstand for light repairs or cleaning and like the convenience of easy set-up and portability.

Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand Review

The Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand is a no-frills repair stand offered at an affordable price and also comes with a 1 year warranty. It's durability and stability make it a great buy for the bike enthusiast looking to make light repairs at home.